Network Consulting

Design & Planning
The most overlooked but important stage when adding a new vendor, or system is the design and planning stage. We work with your team to recommend best practices and create specific design plans. These design services include:

Network Architecture
Security Design
Design Review and Verification
Migration Planning
Test Planning
Integration Planning

Skibilt Solutions offers your organizations with designing, implementing, and maintaining efficient information technology networks. The design of the networks may include a wide range of recommendations regarding computer, telephony equipment, service providers, software applications, and other components that make up a total Information Technology or IT infrastructure.

We can assist to create your organization network from scratch or to take an existing network and enhance, update any or all components associated with the business tool. Evaluating the needs of the client and preparing a detailed document of what is needed to create a networking structure that will meet those needs.

Skibilt Solutions can be contracted to actually see to the purchase of needed equipment, securing the right vendors for various communication services used within the network, and providing basic training to employees who will handle day to day troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

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