Customized payroll suite with all the tools you need

Streamline your payroll management and increase your productivity level with our full-service customized payroll software

Ski EasyPay

Auto Calculation

Automatically fill your payroll taxes, keeping the process simple and guaranteed.

Legal Compliance

Every form, filing times, and payments are aligned with statutory requirements.

No Limits

Get unlimited payrolls with a one-time payment. No hidden Costs

One Time Payment

No surprises. Run your business without additional costs for scaling


Payroll Services :
  • Generate multiple payslips (i.e .monthly or hourly salary payment),
  • Generate payslips and send to individual email box
  • Automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings and deductions
  • Run reports
Personnel Administration :
  • Contact Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Employee Qualification
  • Appraisal result
Employee overtime Management:
  • Daily overtime
  • Week Ends (Saturday/Sunday) Allowance
  • Public Holiday
Employee leave management:
  • Entitlement
  • Deductible Tax on leave allowance
  • Leave Balances
Statutory deduction:
  • Automatic calculation of PAYE deductions
  • Employers and employee pension contribution deduction
  • NSITF and other statutory deduction
Statutory Reports :
  • Monthly Pension Contribution
  • Monthly PAYE Deduction
  • Monthly Employee Pension Contribution
  • Monthly Employer Pension Contribution
  • Monthly NSITF Deduction


Employee Loan Management :
  • Loan payment
  • Loan details
  • Monthly loan statement
  • Loan installment report
Employee Cooperative Management :
  • Employee contribution
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly payment statement
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